Role of Teacher In Higher Education

From ancient times education considered as the most important and noble endeavor. By way of education any individual can gain and complete their personal, spiritual, mentor, social and physical potential. Due to lack of availability of resources, lack of employment and poverty many students could not get the higher education. In developing country the biggest motivating factor is employability. So our higher education must be inclined towards employment. Here the role of faculty come in picture, employment largely depends on how the faculty interacts with the students and the role of teacher should be well defined.

Now the question arise what should be a role of teacher?

In my view the teacher is a combination of three factors which are Executive, A liberationist and therapist. So the main focus of a teacher should be on vocational education expertise for a student, so he/she got employment easily, can be able to develop overall personality, can develop intellectual properties, but when and where the combination used it can be situational and can be differ at particular stage. Here a teacher needs to exercise judgmental power on such issue; therefore, teaching is more art than science. The response of a student to the teacher is very essential. As doctor first understand the patient and his problem and then prescribed a treatment so a teacher should understand the capability of the student and should act accordingly. When a teacher control a class with full of students, than their charismatic leadership skill exhibit. On the other hand when a bunch of mature students who are highly focused to their goal needs a teacher who possesses liberationist or executive approaching behavior.

An effective teacher has accurate knowledge of subject but how he/she present the subject contents so that it should be reach up to the level of student understanding it matters a lot. Presentation of subject should be simple, easy to understand, logical & systematic. The personality of a teacher should be friendly, sympathetic, self assured, warm, approachable, cheerful, dedicated and motivated.

Learning by doing method must be adopted; the education should be based on idealism, pragmatism, realism. The relationship between teacher and student should be well balanced because when we are talking in reference to higher education, a teacher has to deal with the students who are respectively mature and sensitive and dealing with this age group need balance and care. Also the selection of words is very crucial at this age group, student are more sensitive towards comments made for them. It is expected from the faculty before making any comment they should considering the student’s stability and sentiment also. Some time faculty can adopt strict behavior towards students but at the same time dealing should be with proper care. Teacher- student relationship should be based on situational contest and experience of teacher will help in dealing with the students.

In Higher Education developing countries lack quality and qualified faculty in some particular field. So for the benefit of student, the knowledge must be shared with maximum number of student. Sharing of knowledge is possible through ICT. In some part of the system it is popular but now we need to implement this knowledge sharing system through ICT in every domain of education. For the example in engineering education the qualified faculty are not sufficient so for nullify this lacking we must encourage Knowledge sharing through ICT. Here the use of ICT can be very useful for entry level professional to enhance their skill and learn the techniques from well experience person of their own field. The colleges and government also promote the faculty development program for the faculty in formal education. By the use of technology and computer system the knowledge may be shared effectively and in some places it is used widely through satellite classroom program. Satellite classroom is getting more popular now a day as the same qualified faculty available for thousand of student at same time. A teacher must be well acquainted with the various ICT tools and techniques.  

Some time the faculty in higher education may be performed as leader and on some other times as executive. A teacher should be an example for the student. Student look towards teacher as an ideal human and try to copy them so act full behavior in ideal way can set example to the student. Teacher must look for classroom type and nature of classroom to act. They must focus on learning methods rather than what to learn, because learning is a self initiated process, faculty can only motivate them to learn. Explaining the methods to solve the problem is quite good but focus must also give on what to solve and why to solve. Faculty should understand this as a responsibility towards society. Society always looks towards teacher for the betterment of the future of the nation.        

To conclude it is my suggestion teacher should act as a friend, as a mentor, as a counselor, as a psychologist, as a guardian from primary level, secondary level to higher studies. The successful teacher should have good communication skill and teaching should be interactive. A teacher should have the ability to read, to know the background of the student and his I Q level after that they should act accordingly.  

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