Against The Feminism

The moment we utter the word feminism what comes to our mind is that men and women are equally treated is an irony. Where is inequality, by the way, they are biologically different so how can they be equal there are various fake rape charges against men. According to the UN in 2017, 137 women were killed by their families. They were harassed on the streets, abused don’t get equal access to education and many other opportunities that men get but women don’t get there is inequality around us. Some people tend to talk about fake rape charges of only 2-5%.  feminism is diverse it is a thought that states equality among all.  It is not necessary to be a woman to support feminism but a human who supports equality Justin Trudeau, Shashi  Tharoor, DR BR Ambedkar.These are the men that support feminism

  To conclude that feminism is a simple term it can be diverse but not as complicated and controversial as the way people are making it in today’s world.  If you support equality you are surely a feminist so put a step forward in transforming society someone very well said never dream of success and work for it above all the heroine of your life, not the victim feminism has had a life-transforming impact in the lives of the women like if you look at the history they were deprived of their basic right which is right to vote but this is what which gave them that right it was no small feat movement but it was achieved successfully is also a term which breaks gender stereotypes and creates greater economic and social equality among all like equal pay and equal work.

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