An Youth NGO, For the Youth, By the Youth

Youth Starts with You- Shining Youth Foundation-Youth NGO in Agra is founded in 2017 in Agra by a group of youths. Who have an aim to develop and empower the youth of Agra by starting various drives for the youth in Agra.

The youth today is the future of the tomorrow it is imperative to equip them with skills and knowledge so that they can responsible citizen leaders of tomorrow. This is where youth NGOs come into play and one such youth NGO in Agra is making a difference which is the Shining Youth Foundation and known as SYF in Agra.

The Shining Youth Foundation a NGO in Agra is a youth NGO which is “For the Youth, By the Youth” of Agra and committed to the development and empowerment of youth of Agra. They work to create opportunities for the youth to learn, grow and develop their skills in various areas.

The SYF also provides a platform for young people to come together, share their ideas, and collaborate on projects that will benefit their community.

Mission of SYF-

SYF’s mission is to promote youth towards participation, leadership and empowerment by organizing various initiatives. These initiatives are as blood donation camps to develop feeling of social work in youths of Agra and some educational programs such as Girls Student Parliament for the young girls of Agra. Which will help to develop leadership skills and to empower them by organizing debates and gifts also provided to the participants to appreciate their efforts.

The SYF NGO in Agra also works towards promoting social well-being by organizing community service projects. The aim of organization is to help youth by organizing conceptual events for them, all with a charity cause. Conceptual events here stand for events like seminars, debates, parliament, recognition ceremonies, cultural activities & awareness programs. All events of SYF are based on topics & issues related to youth in current scenario and on those which are need of youth. They have undertaken various initiatives such as plantations, blood donation camps, and distribution of essential items to the needy. These projects not only benefit the community but also instil a sense of responsibility and empathy in young people.

Annual Magazines-

The Young Messenger an annual magazine of SYF NGO in Agra which is publish by Pushpendra Singh Tomar who is also a founding member of SYF on behalf of SYF. This magazine describes about the journey of Shining Youth Foundation and thoughts of Mr. Devansh S Bhatt who is the founder and president of Shining Youth Foundation- SYF Agra.

The founder of SYF, Devansh S Bhatt, has long held the conviction that to enact positive change in individuals, one must first change their mindset. With this principle as their guiding light, he and Pushpendra established Shining Youth Foundation on the 19th of March, 2017.

 As they reflect on their six-year journey, they feel a sense of pride in having had the opportunity to work with over 8000 young individuals. Nevertheless, they remain committed to their mission, and welcome like-minded individuals to join them in their endeavour.

 Under the leadership of General Secretary Devasheesh Sharma, they will continue to facilitate discussions, debates, and awareness campaigns for the betterment of youth. The Membership campaign of SYF 2023 marks the latest chapter in their efforts to empower young people. As the organization’s motto succinctly states, it is “For the Youth, By the Youth” – a reminder of the core values and principles that drive SYF forward.

Our Working Model-

Social Venture Philanthropy-

Shining Youth Foundation works with SVP (Social Venture Philanthropy) is an innovative model based on the business concept of venture capital. Under SVP, Shining Youth Foundation identifies and implements its development projects through credible community-based organizations. We also handhold and build capacities of these organizations, focusing on achieving scalability and sustainability, creating a culture of leadership and excellence and inculcating a deep sense of accountability among them.

Under Outreach model-

Shining Youth Foundation implements the development interventions directly as it requires. Intensive and professional engagement for a wider and sustained outcome. While working in remote rural areas, we realized that an intensive on-ground intervention is needed. Which might be beyond the capacity of community-based organizations and hence, we directly implement such projects, liaising with local community stakeholders for better social return on investment.

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